They Don’t Make Moments Like This Anymore

This scene is from 1975’s L’important c’est d’aimer (The Important Thing is to Love).

The close-up of Romy Schneider’s face along with Georges Delerue’s haunting music is one of the most hypnotizing moments I’ve seen onscreen. Romy breaking the fourth wall makes this scene more sincere and heartbreaking. She’s not just acting, she’s also talking to the audience. Romy’s passionate performance, Delerue’s brilliant score, and Andrzej Zulawski’s delicate direction make such an iconic scene. Wonderful.

Woman: Again, again! Come on!
Romy: No… don’t take photos please. I’m an actress, you know, I can do good stuffs… I only do this to… to eat, that’s all. So don’t take photographs, please…
Woman: That’s it! Cut! End! They will see…


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