Cinematography: Mad Max: Fury Road

Director: George Miller
Cinematographer: John Seale

Honestly speaking, I never expected Mad Max: Fury Road (aka MMFR) to be that good. I was expecting an “average Hollywood movie.” You know, the kind that heavily relies on its stars’ bankability, disregarding the quality of its plot and cinematography. (MMFR is a Hollywood-Australian production.)

And then I saw MMFR on a bus to work. I was impressed at how visually stunning this film is, not to mention Charlize Theron’s remarkable performance as Imperator Furiosa. What more could one ask for?

MMFR takes the audience on a breathtaking ride towards a post-apocalyptic visual glory.


The opening scene
“Back shots” are quite prominent…
“Sky shots” also steal the show…
Aside from those “sky over mountain” shots,
scenes like these kinda remind me of The Fall

These frames prove that composition is key…

…kinda looks like a print ad for GUESS.

I admire how this shot accentuates Furiosa’s “reign.”
Although gold and sky blue are MMFR‘s dominant colors,
deep blue, green, and variations of brown are also present…

Known for his Oscar®-winning work for The English Patient,
cinematographer John Seale fuses various colors for the sake of balance and contrast…
Deep blue meets gold.
A visual party of green, sky blue, and gold.
DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. I don’t own or claim to own any of the photos used.


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