The Film Enthusiast



My name is Iza Larize. I was born on the 19th of February, during a time when the so-called People Power Revolution was nearing its climax.

Trapped somewhere in the depths of cinema — that is how I would describe myself. I’ve been a captive of cinema’s charm ever since I can remember. Watching films is like cream and sugar to my coffee; it is a want that is a need.† Cinema is one of the most efficient instruments for growth — may it be emotional, intellectual, or spiritual growth.

I live in a country where the art of filmmaking is usually taken for granted, where great films and great filmmakers are like endangered species. I think those are some of the main reasons that urged me to create this blog. As an audience, I believe I have the right to offer constructive criticism that can improve the quality of most Filipino films.††
Above all — through this blog — I aim to express my everlasting love for the magic of cinema. I inhale and exhale cinema. And yes, I hope to make my own films someday.

Oh yeah, if you have enough time (and patience), you may also enjoy (or be annoyed by) my intergalactically awesome* singing voice at (I’m seriously considering a singing career in Mars if life on Earth fails. Haha.)

Adik ako sa cinema. ‘Yun lang ang gusto kong sabihin.
††Most are actually crap, while some are decent. I hope to see the light of day when some becomes the most.
*”Believe in yourself” nga daw ‘di ba?!